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What Is Environmental Technology

Sentario UK Limited specializes in washroom and hygiene products and services. The company distributes arange of high-quality and reliable products in the United Kingdom and to emerging and developing markets.

Hygiene technology refers to the use of scientific advancements, innovative products, and practices aimed at promoting cleanliness, sanitation, and overall hygiene in various environments. It involves the application of technology to improve hygiene standards, prevent the spread of diseases, and enhance personal and public health.

What Is Environmental Technology

Sentario offers energy-efficient and hygienic hand dryers that help reduce paper waste and promote hand hygiene.

Soap Dispensers

They provide automatic soap dispensers that ensure a controlled and hygienic distribution of soap, promoting handwashing practices.

Toilet Seat Sanitizers

Sentario offers toilet seat sanitizers that provide a quick and convenient way to sanitize toilet seats before use.

Sanitary Bins

Bins: They provide discreet and hygienic sanitary bins for the proper disposal of feminine hygiene products.

Air Fresheners

Sentario offers air fresheners and odor control solutions to maintain a pleasant and fresh-smelling washroom environment

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Identification of the threat

A thorough inspection of the property is conducted to identify any existing pest infestations, potential entry points, and conditions that may attract pests.

Investigation of the Hazard

 Different pests require different treatment approaches. Proper identification of the pests present on the property is crucial for effective pest management.


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