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Sentario UK Limited specializes in digital pest management solutions. Our approach combines technology and data analysis to provide effective pest control services. By utilizing a mobile app, digital rodent bait stations, and monitoring systems, Sentario UK can detect and track pest activity.

Sentario UK Limited dynamism and adaptability to new trends in the external environment have enabled it to stay ahead of the digital growth curve as well. The Company has effectively absorbed new trends in digitalization applicable to its business model, which have led to a greater customer experience and sharper solutions. 

The notable fact about the Company’s digital drive is that it encompasses multiple processes such as customer connectivity, sales and technician functions, treatment record keeping, creating synergies via smart route optimization, etc. Furthermore, it facilitates a paperless environment, thereby mitigating the negative impact on the planet while generating savings in terms of time and money. 

It also allows for proactive pest management, reducing the need for traditional chemical treatments and minimizing the risk to humans and the environment. If you have any specific questions about Sentario UK or digital pest management, feel free to ask!


This is a web-based platform that provides customers with a single access point to information, which enhances the customer experience, establishes transparency, and improves operational ef@ciency. E Connect allows clients to log into a virtual online account.


This is a useful tool for sales and technicians performing services at the customer’s premises, as it keeps digital work orders and customer accounts ‘in sync’ with events at the office. Furthermore, it facilitates a paperless environment, thereby mitigating the negative impact on the planet while generating savings in terms of time and money.


E-SCAN is a feature added to our mobile app with the purpose of taking the work load off the employees. This eliminates the need to manually file treatment records, pest sighting reports, checklists, etc. and instead allows technicians to scan and update information through their mobile devices.


This is the most dynamic scheduler to serve the pest control industry. It allows employees to schedule pest control service appointments for technicians with drag-and-drop technology. The scheduler efficiently completes tasks such as appointment re-scheduling, changing the technician for the appointment, or adding new services that would normally require multiple steps and time, and it helps the company create route optimisation synergies.


 INTELLIGENT ROUTING is a tool that allows the Company to put together the most efficient routes for the technicians daily schedules. It can be used to select the routes and their date ranges and choose from the module’s various optimisation options. Users can schedule routes while taking into account technician shifts, lunch hours, work days, holidays, etc.


 COMMERCIAL BARCODING allows our technicians to scan barcodes and update information through their mobile devices. Barcodes can be scanned either through the camera function on a smartphone or through a Bluetooth scanner used by itself or connected to a mobile device. The information from the scanned barcodes is then organised into different categories, such as inspection point status, target pest species identification, observations, and materials used.


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